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SD Worx is celebrating its 75th anniversary, That's why we're collecting sparks – actions and connections - for charity, against Corona. We pay special attention to those who make an extra effort in these difficult times. Will you make sparks fly? Let’s make sparks fly
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Why sparks? Sparks are the main symbol of our anniversary year 2020. Why?
Charities - SD Worx Fund
SD Worx Fund SD Worx supports organisations that help people from underprivileged groups to find and keep a job. Organise your own activity or event for charity and we will help you and your colleagues to donate money.
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Chris Mohr
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Kritee Taposeea-Seebaluck
Auction/Braderie 30th Sept The Payback Team organised the Auction/Braderie Event on the 30th September 2020 to raise fund for the families impacted by the ecological disaster in Mahebourg Mauritius. Every donation, every purchase, all bidders (including those who didnt make any purchase, because their presence was enough), With the help of everyone, we raised a total of over Rs 25 000!!! Continue making a difference We are able to help a struggling community, families that are so desperately in need. We are continuing with our work towards helping Wakashio-Impacted families. Together we strive to make a difference in our community. Payback Team
Warm experience
Corporate Teambuilding during Corona Thank you Proparty-Team for the special Teambuilding last Friday! To organize a virtual teambuilding that was fun and corona proof wasn’t easy, but we all agree on this: You guys nailed it 💪. Looking for clues, solving puzzles and running outside to take a survival picture, we loved it. And an unexpected plus was not having a hangover the day after 😉 Time for your colleagues is important for culture! Corona is no excuse for doing nothing at all. Thank you so much for the effort!
Geert Segers
Charities - SD Worx Fund
Laptops for charity: Close The Gap Our Internal IT team did another very generous donation to Close The Gap, an organization that refurbishes computer hardware for children in underdeveloped countries. This time we gave 63 Laptops, 16 IT devices and 21 computer screens! This is already the 3rd time Protime donated, and it makes us proud to be able to help children in need. :-)
Kritee Taposeea-Seebaluck
Charities - SD Worx Fund
Japanese Bulk Carrier MV Wakashio - Ecological Disaster in Mauritian Lagoon The Japanese bulk carrier MV Wakashio went down the ocean as it was scuttled on the 24th August 2020, and the ship took more with it than just its own debris. Pointe d'Esny, south of Mauritius, lost its stunning turquoise waters, and many fishermen forgone their main source of income as the oil leaked into the water affecting the fish and their job. Imagine being the breadwinner, relying on the bounty of the sea to feed your family … this is not easy to take on. With the Covid outbreak causing enough damage worldwide, the oil leak was akin to adding salt to the wound. The SD Worx Payback Committee, in an attempt to ease the affected families hardship, went out to buy grocery items and donate to those who were directly impacted. On the 18th September 2020, a group from our Committee went to Mahebourg, visited the families, house after house, and provided support. We donated several food items, milk for children, diapers, school items, clothes among other things direly need by the families. That moment of relief that is seen in their eyes makes our work all worth it. Because in the end, that is our purpose - to make a difference.