Francine Dolcimascolo
How do you make sparks fly? Sparks for charity
Petra Pilz
Head of Implementation fidelis.Personal Hi, ich hatte heute mein erstes Speed-Dating - super - das hat richtig Spass gemacht und ich habe viele Kolleginnen und Kollegen kennengelernt. Ich bin beim nchsten Mal auf jeden Fall wieder sehr gern dabei.
Ilse Janssens
Warm experience
Time4Society When the Corona Quarantine took effect in March, we pretty much knew immediately that this was going to have consequences. Not only for jobs but also for society. Protime did not hesitate one moment to offer support by enabling employees to take time off to do voluntary work. And so "Time4Society" became an option in our absence request overview. I had subscribed to Mechelen's volunteering platform and got a call last Thursday. The face mask Mechelen ordered had arrived and now they needed help to get them to the inhabitants. They had suggested I'd take on 1 or 2 routes but since I had no plans this weekend, and since I was able to take a day "Time4Society", even though very last minute, I put myself up for 5 routes. So dressed for the occasion - face mask and gloves on - I delivered over a 1.000 face masks. Often, I had to ring doorbells as the thick envelopes didn't fit in the mailboxes. I got big smiles and even thank you shouts from a distance as people were triggered by the sound of their mailbox. Some people were even waiting for me as they were alerted by neighbours via their neighbourhood Facebook group that someone was delivering them :-D People were very grateful, as was I for having had the opportunity to contribute to society, with the help of my employer.
Rico BEL
Warm experience
Vitamins for the caring Some of the Belgian residential care centers for the elderly are/were severely hit in the Covid 19 crisis. The people working there are our last line of care to our parents and grandparents in their times of need and they are doing a very good and tough job. At Protime we had the initiative to take off some time from work and invest this in doing something good, called time4society. My wife and I decided to support the 120 workers of the daycare center of Aartselaar (hometown of Protime) by supplying them with vitamin shots and slow pressed juices for disease resistance boosting. Greatly appreciated and lots of fun doing this.
Benoît van Grieken
Warm experience
Allez Léon, allez Léon.. Tous les soirs 20h depuis 2 mois, mon voisin Lon (71 ans !) attrape sa guitare lectrique et joue quelques airs des annes 70-80 pour les habitants confins du quartier. Cela a permis que les gens en parlent, puis se parlent, pour ensuite mieux se connatre (avec les distanciations sanitaires, bien entendu ) et enfin s'entraident.. Et hier soir, 19h58, ce sont les enfants (moins de 10 ans) du voisinage qui criaient "allez Lon, allez Lon.." Comme quoi le coeur et la musique n'ont pas d'ge...