Chris Mohr
How do you make sparks fly? Sparks for charity
Corporate Teambuilding during Corona Thank you Proparty-Team for the special Teambuilding last Friday! To organize a virtual teambuilding that was fun and corona proof wasnt easy, but we all agree on this: You guys nailed it . Looking for clues, solving puzzles and running outside to take a survival picture, we loved it. And an unexpected plus was not having a hangover the day after Time for your colleagues is important for culture! Corona is no excuse for doing nothing at all. Thank you so much for the effort!
Geert Segers
Charities - SD Worx Fund
Laptops for charity: Close The Gap Our Internal IT team did another very generous donation to Close The Gap, an organization that refurbishes computer hardware for children in underdeveloped countries. This time we gave 63 Laptops, 16 IT devices and 21 computer screens! This is already the 3rd time Protime donated, and it makes us proud to be able to help children in need. :-)
Francine Dolcimascolo
Warm experience
démo logiciels Sd Worx Truc et astuces : afin de respecter la distanciation, pendant le corona : pour la dmo des logiciels Sd Worx : si l'entreprise ne peut pas projeter l'image de mon ordinateur un cran mural... je propose de connecter mon portable un cran d'ordinateur. L'cran est plac un endroit stratgique... ET la distance est maintenue avec un top visuel pour le participant/prospect :-)
Ilse Janssens
Warm experience
Time4Society When the Corona Quarantine took effect in March, we pretty much knew immediately that this was going to have consequences. Not only for jobs but also for society. Protime did not hesitate one moment to offer support by enabling employees to take time off to do voluntary work. And so "Time4Society" became an option in our absence request overview. I had subscribed to Mechelen's volunteering platform and got a call last Thursday. The face mask Mechelen ordered had arrived and now they needed help to get them to the inhabitants. They had suggested I'd take on 1 or 2 routes but since I had no plans this weekend, and since I was able to take a day "Time4Society", even though very last minute, I put myself up for 5 routes. So dressed for the occasion - face mask and gloves on - I delivered over a 1.000 face masks. Often, I had to ring doorbells as the thick envelopes didn't fit in the mailboxes. I got big smiles and even thank you shouts from a distance as people were triggered by the sound of their mailbox. Some people were even waiting for me as they were alerted by neighbours via their neighbourhood Facebook group that someone was delivering them :-D People were very grateful, as was I for having had the opportunity to contribute to society, with the help of my employer.