Digital speed date

Speed Dating

I participated in the first speedating and it was so much fun! I loved meeting other colleagues specially from other offices that we usualy wouldn't have the oportunity to get to know. It was great getting to meet colleagues that are fairly new to the business (Vincent in Belgium being his first month in sdworx, Birte in Antwerp from comunications came to sdworx after uni and has been with us for 3 years now) and also coleagues that had been in the business for a long time (Farhanaaz in Mauritus in the implementation team has been with sdworx for 10 years, Davina also from Mauritus has been an HRE developer for 9 years and Rajiv in Mauritus has also been with us for 9 years as an application support leader.) It was great to get an overall idea of how many other departments do we have and how do they contribute to the sucess of the business. Tania from Antwerp explained a bit further how does she do the marketing relationships for us and also Aline from Antwerp explained that he and her team seek for sales and onboarding customers which I found quite interesting since I deal with clients on daily basis, so it was interesting finding out about this part of the process of bringing clients to sdworx for me and my team to deal with their payroll on daily basis. It was a wonderful experience, thanks you for organising it! :)