75 years of SD Worx

75.000 / 75.000 sparks

Let’s make sparks fly

SD Worx is celebrating its 75th anniversary, That's why we're collecting sparks – actions and connections - for charity, against Corona. We pay special attention to those who make an extra effort in these difficult times. Will you make sparks fly?

75 years of SD Worx
75,000 sparks – this is how we're supporting each other

SD Worx is celebrating its 75th anniversary, Normally, we'd be shouting this from the rooftops. In this difficult time, however, it is more important than ever to focus on human warmth and social contact. This is how we can support each other to the fullest. Through this website, you can send e-cards to wish people a speedy recovery or your best wishes. SD Worx employees can take part in digital speed dates or give people an extra boost during the gifting months. You can also read stories about exciting online collaborations and great initiatives. This way, we hope to bring our own co-workers and customers all over the world closer together.

For every new activity or interaction, we earn symbolic sparks. And these are worth money. If we manage to collect 75,000 sparks by the end of 2020, SD Worx will donate EUR 2 for every spark to a charity of your choosing. As an SD Worx colleague or customer, you can help us achieve that goal. Add some extra human warmth to the world, spread the word about great initiatives and online collaborations, and support the heroes out there today. 

Make sparks fly: Click on the activities below, find out how many sparks you can earn and join in.

We will be organising new activities regularly; don't miss out on any opportunity to earn sparks and don't forget to take a look at this page from time to time.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.


Send an e-card

Open for everyone. Do you want to support a colleague? Want to send a customer your best wishes? Want to wish somebody a speedy recovery? Send a heartwarming e-card free of charge. With each e-card, you will earn 3 sparks for charity. Go to the e-card shop

Share your story

Have you found an original way to work with colleagues and customers from a distance? Are you organising something for charity or are you taking part one of the heartwarming activities that make up the campaign? Share your story and bring us 20 sparks closer to the big 75,000. Share a story

Why sparks?

Sparks are the main symbol of our anniversary year 2020. Why? Read more about it here

Sparks for charity

When we reach 75,000 sparks, SD Worx will give 75 organisations a special boost, including those who are working extra hard for us and others at present. Our jury chose 75 different charities based in various countries. 75 charities to mark 75 years of SD Worx